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Can I Use Dental Benefits from the Previous Year?

Have you had dental insurance for years, but for one reason or another — perhaps because of anxiety or simple inconvenience — haven’t been able to use it until now? […]

What is the Best Mouth Guard to Protect Your Teeth?

Wearing a mouth guard is often a requirement for athletes involved in extracurricular, high school, or collegiate activities. But even if it’s not a rule that you wear one, investing […]

Does Poor Dental Health Lead to Heart Disease for Seniors?

Once most of us reach retirement age, we tend to start noticing physical ailments creep up that might not have been issues earlier in our lives. Between a new prescription […]

Common Dental Injuries and How to Manage Them

When it comes to common dental concerns and emergencies, there are several that dentists routinely see come through their offices. If you’ve found yourself in a situation that’s causing pain […]

Top Denture Do’s and Don’ts

Dentures are customized prosthetics that are made to fit the unique anatomy, budget, and aesthetic choices of individual patients. Although a full “plate” can be made from a variety of […]

Teeth Whitening:  What You Need to Know

A whiter smile is usually something that most people associate with youth, beauty, and confidence. But even individuals who have always carefully cared for their teeth can find that nature […]

Avoiding Preventative Dental Care Can Cost You More in the Future

“Schedule a cleaning and exam every six months.” You’ve heard it a million times. Starting in childhood, dentists and healthcare professionals recommend a preventive care appointment (what most of us […]

Dry Mouth: What is it and Why is it Bad for Your Teeth?

Xerostomia — more commonly known as “dry mouth” — is a common dental condition that causes lower levels of saliva production. People who are prone to dry mouth usually see […]

Affordable Ways to Treat a Pre-Existing Dental Condition

Picture this scenario: For months, or even years, you’ve struggled with a dental problem. Maybe you had persistent tooth pain. Perhaps your jaw ached and made clicking sounds. Maybe your […]

How Does a Dental Discount Membership Card Work?

If you’ve recently signed up for a discount dental plan, or you’re thinking of joining a savings program, you probably wonder how it actually works. In short…it’s a lot like […]

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