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How to use your Aetna dental savings plan

Join an Aetna Dental Savings Plan

Your plan activates within 72 hours of purchase, allowing you access savings on dental care and other healthcare services almost instantly.

Present your Aetna dental plan at the start of your appointment

Before any work is done present your plan to your health care provider. Over 241,000+ providers have agreed to provide discounts to plan holders on most procedures.

Save money during your visit

There is no paperwork or reimbursements when using your savings plan. After the procedure you pay your health care provider at the time of your visit. It is that easy!

Individual & Family
Aetna Dental Savings Plans

Compare Plan & Benefits

Save 15% to 50%* on most dental services.

241,000 dental practices nationwide

Regular Dentist evaluations and accreditation

Accepted by Dental Specialists

Save on vision services, including exams & eyeglasses

Save on hearing services, including exams & hearing aids

Save on brand-name prescriptions at your pharmacy

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