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8 Ways to Lower Your Dental Bills

8 Ways to Lower Your Dental Bills


We live in a smile-savvy society, where having beautiful, healthy teeth make a big impact on your personal and professional life. As such, it’s no surprise that most people (even those with dental insurance) are looking for ways to lower the cost of their dental treatments.

Here are 8 ways to lower your dental bills and some great ways to get started:

  1. See Your Dentist More Often 

Routine dental checkups mean that your dentist can spot problems before they become bigger — more expensive — issues later on. For instance, if an area of enamel is starting to look weak, your dentist may prescribe a fluoride to use at home. If the area is already showing the effects of a cavity, a small filling may be recommended. When people wait months upon months (or even years) to see a dentist, your dentist is going to find bigger problems than a small area of tooth decay. 

  1. Clean Your Teeth Better at Home 

There’s a reason why your hygienist tells you to floss every day: it prevents tooth decay and combats gum disease…the leading cause of adult tooth loss. But don’t worry, if your gums bleed a little bit that’s ok. It can take daily flossing for up to two weeks before symptoms of gingivitis start to go away. Hate flossing? Try a water flosser…it works just as well! It’s also beneficial to invest in a great electric toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas with the touch of a button. 

  1. Don’t Ignore That Toothache 

When it comes to tooth pain, you need to listen; your body is telling you something. That little twinge or having a bite that feels slightly “off” is nature’s way of saying “look out!” Let your dentist know when you start to feel something going on, so that he or she can take an x-ray and assess what’s going on. Even if the pain subsides on its own or with the health of an over the counter pain reliever, there’s a good chance that something serious could be going on. 

  1. Get X-rays Taken Regularly 

A lot of people are afraid of getting dental x-rays because of the radiation involved. The truth is, you’re exposed to more radiation when you take a flight from California to New York. With digital x-rays, the levels are even lower. Your dentist needs these images to spot cavities or disease before you start to experience the classic (painful!) symptoms. 

  1. Take Advantage of Preventive Services Under Your Insurance Policy 

Most insurance plans will cover 100% of preventive cleanings, checkups, and x-rays with an in-network dentist. You’re paying for your insurance, so it’s best to take advantage of this service that you’ve already paid for. With routine preventive care, you can avoid unwanted decay or gum infections that might otherwise develop between appointments. 

  1. Enroll in a Dental Discount Savings Plan 

If you’re planning on needing some dental work or paying out-of-pocket for your treatment, a dental discount savings plan could save you more money in the long run. With a dental savings plan, your dentist applies a discount toward every treatment that you need. There aren’t any copays, deductibles, waiting periods, or exclusions. 

  1. Treat Problems Sooner 

When you have a cavity or infected tooth, fix it. Dental diseases don’t go away on their own. In fact, they just get worse and become more expensive to fix. What could be repaired with a small filling, if avoided, could turn into an abscessed tooth that needs a root canal by the end of the year. It’s best to pay for the treatment while it’s smaller and more affordable. 

  1. Choose Your Dentist Wisely

Select an in-network Aetna dentist to get the most out of your insurance policy. Otherwise, you will need to work with the treatment coordinator to find out how much your insurance covers. Even then, the care plan is only an estimate of your benefits. Some people prefer to opt for a discount dental plan where the fees are reduced by a set amount across the board.

For more information on an affordable Aetna discount dental plan, contact today to find an option that works for your family!

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