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Dental Care Doesn’t Have to be Expensive 

Dental Care Doesn’t Have to be Expensive 

Do you brush your teeth after every meal, floss at least once a day… and try to avoid the dentist as much as possible? If so, you’re not alone. Many people focus on at-home dental care with the hope they can avoid regular trips to the dentist’s office. 

Cost is the number one reason most adults avoid the dentist. Even just perceived high costs are enough to make many people not even seek out pricing information. But dental care doesn’t have to be expensive.  

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve been to the dentist, or what type of care you need, dental care can be affordable. Let’s take a look at your available options:   

Dental Insurance: Helpful in Certain Situations 

When people look for ways to save at the dentist’s office, dental insurance is usually one of the first options considered. Depending on the procedure and type of policy, a dental insurance plan can cover some or all of the costs.  

Of course, dental insurance might cover none of the procedure, too. Many cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by dental insurance. Pre-existing dental problems you had before the policy went into effect are also rarely covered. 

Plus, dental insurance can be expensive. Even if the policy is provided by an employer, you’ll still likely be responsible for premiums, co-pays and annual maximums. While there are many different types of dental insurance plans available, generally dental insurance makes the most financial sense for people with no pre-existing conditions who mainly need preventative dental care.   

Local Dental Schools: Unique Way to Obtain Discounted Treatment 

Many people are unaware that many dental schools offer free or deeply discounted treatments to the public. Even better, a wide variety of services are available at a dental school. This is because the students need to learn how to perform many different dental procedures successfully.  

If you’ve never been to a dental school before, you might understandably be a little nervous. After all, a student dentist is a bit different than, for instance, a student barber. Bad dental care can cause permanent damage.  

Don’t worry. You won’t be worked on by brand-new students with no idea what they’re doing. Instead, only experienced students work on actual patients. Plus, all procedures are intensely supervised by instructors. 

There are some downsides to dental schools. Generally, you’ll need to be very flexible with your time. Appointments can be limited and have a long waiting list. Plus, the procedures can take a long time to perform because the process is used as a teaching tool.    

Community Health Centers: Free and LowCost Dental Care Near You 

A community health center might be closer than you think. The Health Resources and Services Administration runs federally-funded community health centers which offer both free and low-cost health and dental services.  

Over 1,400 health centers are available with locations in every state and territory. For over 50 years, millions of people have turned to health centers for both primary and preventative health and dental care. The Find a Health Center section on their website lets you easily locate a center near you.      

Dental Discount Plan: Instant Savings on a Variety of Procedures 

dental savings plan is another way to save at the dentist’s office. After purchasing a dental savings plan, you’ll be eligible for instant savings on a wide variety of dental procedures. Over 161,000 dental professionals across the country offer discounts on both minor and major procedures. Simply present your membership card directly at any participating dentist’s office for immediate savings of 15% to 50%.  

Dental discount plans are available even if you have existing dental problems. The membership card is activated within about 72 hours of purchasing a plan. You can finally find the care you need right away.  

Dental Costs Can Be Manageable 

Many options are available for dental savings. Traditional insurance does have benefits, especially when provided by an employer. Dental schools and health centers offer low and no-cost treatment. Dental discount plans let you save on a wide variety of procedures both minor and major.  

Don’t let potentially high costs keep you from the dental care you deserve. Dental discounts are available today.  




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