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Understanding Your Dental Options.

To make the most cost-effective decision, it's important to choose between dental savings plans and dental insurance. Let's compare both options to help you determine which one best meets your needs.

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Dental Savings Plans
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Dental Insurance Plans
Preventative care

Routine check ups, cleanings, and x-rays

100% Coverage

Basic procedures

Fillings, Extractions, Emergency Care

Major procedures

Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures

No annual spending caps
No annual limits - ideal if you need procedures

Annual benefit maximum $1000-$2000.
You pay 100% out of pocket after.

No waiting periods*
6 months

for basic

12 months

for major

No deductibles -
No exclusions for pre-existing conditions -
Provider network

Visit any Aetna participating provider

Visit any dental provider (in or out of network)

Switch plans easily -
Cost $150-$200 a year $400-$700 a year

*Waiting periods may be waived with prior dental insurance

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