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How Does a Dental Discount Membership Card Work?

How Does a Dental Discount Membership Card Work?

If you’ve recently signed up for a discount dental plan, or you’re thinking of joining a savings program, you probably wonder how it actually works.

In short…it’s a lot like having a membership card that gives you fixed discounts on certain types of services. Unlike dental insurance, you don’t have any claims to process, deductibles to pay, or waiting periods to sit through before scheduling treatment.

Use Your Discount Card at Any Participating Dental Office 

With insurance, you go to a dentist who is in-network or is out-of-network and still accepts your plan. With a discount dental card, you go to any dentist who participates in the program. Simply look up a list of participating providers and choose the one nearest you.

Out of town? You can most likely use your discount card there, too! If you happen to be on vacation or a business trip, but experience a dental emergency, your savings card can be used at any of the dentists in the area who accept the type of discount program you’ve signed up for. (Note that some discount plans serve specific regions only, so if you do travel a lot you may want to pick a nationwide plan.

Use Your Discount Card as Often as You Like 

Are you used to scheduling your dental checkups twice a year, because that’s all your insurance plan will pay for? A discount card gives you the option to schedule every 3-4 months if you like! Why? Because there aren’t time restrictions on how often specific types of treatment are covered.

No Insurance Claims. Immediate Savings 

Even great insurance can make some people feel uneasy about whether or not their treatment is covered. That’s because claims have to be sent off, processed, and reimbursement checks cut to you or your dentist. In the span of 30-60 days, some people find that their insurance didn’t cover everything that they thought it would. At that point, you’re caught off guard because a bill for the balance arrives in your mailbox.

Using a dental discount card bypasses the insurance claims process altogether. There’s no guessing game. The discount on your card — for that service — is the discount that you get. You can finally say “goodbye” to the unknowns of what your insurance plan “might” cover. 

Pick the Dental Savings Plan That’s Best for You

Just like insurance, you sign up for the type of plan that fits your budget and oral health needs. The only difference is that dental savings plans are usually a more affordable option because they cover the types of treatments that you want, rather than the ones pre-determined by the insurance company.

Whether you only plan on seeing the dentist for a checkup twice each year or you tend to have “problem” teeth that require frequent trips to the dentist, you can be sure that the services you’re depending on will be available at a price you can afford. 

Get Started Right Away

As soon as you join a discount dental program, you can start taking advantage of the benefits. Unlike insurance plans that require you to be enrolled for a set amount of time before certain treatments are covered, your savings card can be used immediately. Any necessary (or elective) treatments that you need can be booked at your earliest convenience.

Does it sound like a discount dental card is the most affordable option for your wallet (and smile)? Contact Aetna Dental Offers to learn more about the types of savings programs available in your area.

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