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How Much Does Aetna Dental Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Aetna Dental Insurance Cost?

If you’re shopping for affordable dental insurance, you’re probably wondering how much an Aetna dental plan costs. Aetna is one of the leading health insurance providers in the nation, and their dental plans are accepted by thousands of dentists. But if you’re signing up on your own because dental is separated from health plans offered by your employer, you may be trying to decide which Aetna dental insurance plan is the best (and most affordable) for your needs.

Most Affordable Aetna Dental Insurance Plans

Aetna provides everything from Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) plans that are low-cost with no yearly limits, to dental indemnity and Preferred Provider (PPO) networks. The type you select will affect your budget and any out of pocket costs you pay directly to the dentist.

Hundreds of thousands of dentists accept Aetna dental insurance plans. If you already know which dentist you want to see, find out which Aetna dental insurance plans they participate in. This can help you determine the one you want to join in, as a contract with Aetna is involved.

Depending on whether you’re joining as an individual or family, and in a DMO, PPO, or other plan, Aetna offers something for every budget. The Aetna Dental Direct Plan (individuals) covers 100% of preventative services like cleanings and exams. You can start saving right way if you’re switching from a comparable plan.

Are There Discounts for Aetna Dental Care?

Yes! There are a few discount Aetna dental plans worth considering that work like savings plans rather than traditional programs. For instance:

Aetna’s Vital Savings Dental Discount Plan card start as low as $7.99 per month and provide instant savings on most services. When you visit any of the 240,000+ participating dental offices nationwide, a 15-50% discount is applied to applicable treatments. If you’re looking for a plan for your family, pricing starts at under $16 per month. The Aetna Dental Access and Aetna Vital Dental Savings Plus Rx plans offer similar advantages on resource ranging from preventative care to dental prescriptions.

Deciding Between Traditional and Aetna Dental Plans

If your employer offers you a traditional Aetna dental insurance plan, it can still save you a lot of money on routine preventative care and occasional treatments like a filling or crown. But if you’re paying to pay the dentist directly and/or you need extensive dental work, the advantages may not cover as much as you wish they did when you first invested in a new plan.

On the other hand, some families and individuals find it cheaper and easier to sign up for a dental savings plan. The fees are up front and there’s no guesswork when it comes to how much you owe (or figuring out what your insurance pays for.) Rather, you get as much or as little treatment as you need, without waiting for statements to arrive in the mail later on.

How Real-Life Dental Advantages Affect Your Budget

Mr. Jones is thinking about getting a dental implant to replace the tooth he lost a few years ago due to a ski accident. He’s been wearing a partial denture (“flipper”) but wants something more permanent.

He joins in one of Aetna’s PPO plans since a plan isn’t offered through is provider, and then makes an appointment with a dental specialist. He finds out that his plan doesn’t include any major dental services until he’s been on the plan for six months, and only after he’s paid his portion of the total cost of the procedure. He feels discouraged, because he wasn’t aware of how this type of plan worked when he signed up for the program.

Now let’s say that Mr. Jones joins a discount Aetna dental savings plan instead. He pays a fixed fee and visits the dentist. He receives 10-60% off of all approved services, he can start saving immediately. The advantages are easy to understand, and he doesn’t have to delay his treatment – he can schedule his appointment as soon as he wants to. There’s no extra paperwork to fill out.

Find Out if a Discount Dental Plan is Right for You

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