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What You Need To Know About Dental Discount Cards

What You Need To Know About Dental Discount Cards

A dental savings plan is an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. Rather than having to go through your employer, you can sign yourself or your family up directly through the discount program at any time. Once it’s time to go to the dentist, just bring your discount card with you. The savings are applied right away, without any confusing paperwork to file or reimbursement checks to wait on.    

Customized Dental Savings Plans 

You can select the type of dental savings plan that best fits your needs. For instance, one plan may offer bigger discounts on certain large procedures, while others are more prevention focused. You can see exactly which procedures are discounted under the various plans before enrolling.  Each plan differs from one to the next, so it’s important to communicate your priorities and dental needs to your plan provider. He or she will help you find the best one that fits your oral health goals as well as your personal budget.  

When it’s time to see the dentist, just bring your dental discount card with you. The fixed discount will be taken off of your treatment plan, so that you can save money without worrying about a surprise bill in the mail a month later.   

No Insurance Claims To File Or Contest 

One of the biggest complaints that people have about a traditional dental insurance plan is that they often don’t understand what’s covered, or the quote they receive on treatment is wrong. While a lot of calculations go into tabulating a person’s dental expenses, mistakes do happen. Sometimes a dental policy will reject an insurance claim altogether because a particular service or clause isn’t part of the plan. 

In contrast, a dental savings plan allows enrollees to use their discount card and see the set discount on procedures applied at the time of service. You pay for the remaining balance, and there are no claims to process or wait on. You know exactly how much the discount is, before you even schedule or start your treatment.   

Finding A Participating Dentist 

With a discount dental plan, your card is accepted by all participating dentists in the plan. It’s similar to having a dentist that’s “in-network” with your dental insurance.  

To find a list of dentists that accept the discount card, simply contact your savings program directly. Dentists are added to plans all the time, so they can provide you with an updated list of providers in your area. The same discount applies to each office, so you can choose your favorite dentist from the list. If you’re out of town and have a dental emergency, you can see any dentist in that area who participates in the discount plan, and get the very same reduced fees.  

No Annual Limits 

With a traditional dental insurance plan, you’re restricted to a dollar “cap” on how much your carrier will pay for treatment each year. For most insurance policies, this is around $1,500 annually. That’s after you’ve paid your deductibles, co-pays, etc.  

In contrast, a dental discount card has no annual limit on how much you spend or see at a dentist’s office. You can use your plan as often as you wish, whether it’s just a couple of cleanings each year or more complex treatments, such as a smile makeover or dental implants. Need an extra cleaning? No problem! With annual limits out of the way, you can see your dentist on your own schedule. Plus, there are no down payments involved, such as deductibles, before your benefits kick in.   

No Pre-approvals, No Reimbursements 

Have you ever needed a particular dental treatment, only to find out that it had to be cleared through your insurance carrier first? It doesn’t matter if your dentist says you need it or not, both of you spend a few weeks (or more) waiting to find out if your conventional plan will cover the treatment before you can schedule the appointment. Or worse, you pay for it out of pocket only to find out they insurance company won’t reimburse you for your costs.  

Savings plans like discount dental cards save time by allowing you to schedule treatment right away.  You know your discount applies to the treatment, because a list and fee-schedule is provided at the time of your enrollment. You can get out of pain faster, without putting your oral health on hold.   

An Affordable Alternative To Dental Insurance 

If you don’t have traditional dental insurance through your job, it’s worth considering an alternative program such as a dental discount card. Savings plans are meant to be used independently, rather than in addition to an existing insurance plan. Most people can start saving right away, without any type of waiting periods involved. If you’ve lost your dental coverage because of changes in health care benefits, a discount card may be the best option for your budget.  

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