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How to Remove Plaque Buildup on Your Teeth

  Looking for the best way to keep your smile bright and your breath fresh between dental visits? It starts with daily plaque removal. Plaque vs. Tartar There’s something important […]

What Age Can My Kid Get Braces?

  Were you caught off guard the last time you spotted an elementary student in braces? When did orthodontists start seeing children so young? Most of us grew up in […]

What’s the Best Way to Pay for a Root Canal?

  Great. You’re laying back in the dental chair after just having a set of x-rays taken, and you hear your dentist say “it looks like that one is going […]

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How to Avoid a Major Dental Bill

  One of the most common reasons why people avoid trips to the dentist is because of the size of the bill. Surveys repeatedly show that people avoid dental care […]

What is a Bone Graft and Why Would I Need One?

  No matter how well you brush your teeth, your smile relies on healthy gums and bone to keep your teeth where they ought to be. If you lose bone […]

The Benefits of Dentures

  Dentures have been a reliable treatment option for centuries. With advancements in newer materials and designs, you have more denture options than ever before. They can even be anchored […]

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