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Top Denture Do’s and Don’ts

Dentures are customized prosthetics that are made to fit the unique anatomy, budget, and aesthetic choices of individual patients. Although a full “plate” can be made from a variety of […]

Teeth Whitening:  What You Need to Know

A whiter smile is usually something that most people associate with youth, beauty, and confidence. But even individuals who have always carefully cared for their teeth can find that nature […]

Avoiding Preventative Dental Care Can Cost You More in the Future

“Schedule a cleaning and exam every six months.” You’ve heard it a million times. Starting in childhood, dentists and healthcare professionals recommend a preventive care appointment (what most of us […]

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Dry Mouth: What is it and Why is it Bad for Your Teeth?

Xerostomia — more commonly known as “dry mouth” — is a common dental condition that causes lower levels of saliva production. People who are prone to dry mouth usually see […]

Affordable Ways to Treat a Pre-Existing Dental Condition

Picture this scenario: For months, or even years, you’ve struggled with a dental problem. Maybe you had persistent tooth pain. Perhaps your jaw ached and made clicking sounds. Maybe your […]

How Does a Dental Discount Membership Card Work?

If you’ve recently signed up for a discount dental plan, or you’re thinking of joining a savings program, you probably wonder how it actually works. In short…it’s a lot like […]

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