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Does Medicare Include Dental Coverage?  

Medicare provides health insurance for over 55.3 million people. But what about dental insurance? Many recipients have questions about what, if any, dental procedures are covered by Medicare. Here’s a […]

The Best Way to Whiten Stained Teeth

  The older we get, the darker our teeth usually tend to look. Some of us have brighter teeth but we’ve started to notice areas that look stained and irregular. […]

Five Things You’re Doing That Damage Your Teeth

  Most of us tend to feel like we take pretty good care of ourselves. From watching our weight to drinking enough water, we see that small choices add up […]

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Dealing With Wisdom Teeth That Haven’t Erupted

Nearly 85% of people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed.  Some of those teeth never even erupt through the gums, while others only do partially. When 3rd molars […]

How Much is A Dental Consultation?

  If you don’t have dental insurance or haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may be wondering how expensive that next trip is going to be. And […]

How Can I Get Free Dental Care?

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed when it comes to finding affordable dentistry? If you’re frustrated with your dental insurance plan or don’t have coverage, you’re not alone. At Aetna […]

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